Indiana Young Farmers' Association

About IYFA

We have heard time and again from our members that their Young Farmer experience has enhanced their personal and professional lives through additional leadership exposure at all levels of the organization. Being engaged at the local, state and /or national level has enabled our members to strengthen their leadership and organizational skills as well as reinforce their networking ability with other agriculturalists. Members are recognized through our awards program for their efforts in chapter activities and their work as a professional in the agriculture industry.

Mission Statement

IYFA will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth through lifelong adult education, serving those who have a common interest in Indiana agriculture.

Executive Committee

Position Name Email
State President Erich Bleeke Email
State President Elect Samantha Minnick Email
State Vice President Christy Wolff Email
State Secretary James Wolff Email
State Past President Ryan Ladson Email
Area 2 Co-Director Adam Leeper Email
Area 2 Co-Director Carl Prochno Email
Area 3 Co-Director Pam Berning Email
Area 3 Co-Director Jacob Taylor Email
Area 5 Director Bennii Weldy Email
Area 6 Co-Director Emilee Winters Email
Area 6 Co-Director Jane Pluimer Email
Area 7 Director Rachel Bailey Email
Area 10 Co-Director Bill Long Email
Area 10 Co-Director Dale Schmitz Email
Area 11 Co-Director Kimmi Miller Email
Area 11 Co-Director Michael Tormoehlen Email
Area 12 Director Caitlin Henderson Email
Executive Director Amber Miller Email

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